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About UniquelyMade 

UniquelyMade is a one-on-one photo experience with photographer, Chanel Marlene. 


UniquelyMade was created to empower women by naming their individual qualities to help them pursue their unique purpose and calling. While being photographed, they are encouraged to call out insecurities/lies over their identity that hold them back from seeing their inherent beauty and uniqueness.


By taking photographs of their emotional journey, they are provided with tangible evidence of their journey and testimony.


that's me!

UniquelyMade is for

..the one who is wrestling with self-image

..the one who is on the journey of recovery from addiction/trauma/disorders

..the one who's eager to celebrate 


..the one who has started a new career

..the one who just wants to see herself as beautiful

Chanel has been one of the best people I’ve ever worked with. I am a photographer myself and I don’t like being in front of the camera but she made it so natural for me. The uniquely made session allowed me the opportunity to see myself in a new light, and understand that I am beautiful, even though sometimes I don’t see it.
Not only did I get photos taken of myself, but I got to intentionally take a couple hours to myself to see the beauty in my personality, as it was reflected in the photos. Chanel has a unique gift of capturing what’s inside of an individual as well as what’s on the outside.



crafted in a way that not only supports you on the shoot day, but throughout the whole process


connect and consultation. we explore your intentions, vision, and hopes for your shoot  


support and resources for outfits, vision, locations, settings, and more


pre-shoot preparation and mindfulness



shoot day! exploring locations together, inviting mindfulness, safe conversations, and capturing fun moments


sneak peeks days after - intentionally chosen to showcase you and our time together


full gallery delivery within 2 weeks - full of moments that capture you, your beauty, and your purpose for this shoot

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Ready to book? Let's connect! 

Are you inquiring for yourself or loved one?
How did you hear about UniquelyMade?


Thank you for reaching out! So looking forward to connecting ✨

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