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Amy | UniquelyMade / November 11th, 2023

Amy and I met for coffee in October, across the table she sat from me with tears in her eyes and said "I see this happening for other women. These shoots - they are for those women. But I kinda want one too, but maybe I'm not enough for something like this".

And there it was, the honest and real truth we all face at time "..maybe its for me...or maybe i'm just not enough".

From here, we sat together in the realness of that moment. The moment we could both deeply understand as women.

We met for coffee again, and exchanged many texts message about outfits, makeup, and all the finishing touches.

We decided start in a studio, to capture some images of just her in a room. Like with every shoot - there were nerves. Sometime in the middle of the first few - a wave of confidence and strength came over her, and I could see it in her eyes.


After our studio time in Seattle, we thought it would be fun to go to the beach for quick moment near the water.

I think we both thought we would have a little bit of light and some pleasant weather with the sun setting - but we found ourselves at the beach nearly dark. with MAJOR gusts of wind. with water crashing to the shore. with major cold too.

I looked at Amy and yelled through wind, “if you are down - I’m down!” and she yelled with a huge smile “I almost like this better.”

We got onto the rocks near the water and magic happened. Amy said she loved the metaphor of the moment: feeling totally at peace in the middle of a storm. Feeling an urge to ‘surrender’, breathe, and take it all in.

There were moments of silent prayers, deep breathes, and ultimately ending 30 mins later with lots of giggles in the rain trying to find our way to the parking lot in the dark.

These are the moments are that are unplanned - and the ones that have potential to be the most impactful. Healing, hope, surrender, and peace can be found in the most unexpected places . To have that happen on UniquelyMade shoots are something that even, I, can’t predict sometimes.

But I do know that when there’s a safe space held for testimony, speaking truth over lies, healing, and just fun…some really beautiful moments can happen and be captured.

Thank you Amy, for trusting me to photograph you and be invited in this space. You are a force. A fierce friend. A gentle spirit in the storm for others. This is just the beginning! ✨


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